Hello! I'm Jeremey! A cartoonist! I've made Side Quests and NoPUNintendo, as well as Zubatman and various other animations.


askstickythestickman asked
So what's been going on with animations like Attack on Pikmin 2?

Put on the back burner for now. Working on Side Quests is my top priority, so I might not get around to any parody videos for some time.

Anonymous asked
I couldn't find it anywhere, so may I ask what you use to animate?

You silly willy, it’s on the About page on my youtube! I used Flash CS5.5. I’ll probably upgrade to CS6 soon, as I’ve encounter this new, incredibly annoying glitch that I haven’t experienced in earlier versions (but I like the new interface and stuff.. But most say CS3 is the best).

Side Quests Update, I need some opinions!?

So Jeff and I were thinking.. With the Patreon we’ll be setting up soon.. Our original idea was to have Patrons give money per episode, and since we both have jobs it would be about every 2 months. It will take at least 2 months to do episodes at this rate, I’m guessing 3-4 though with how things are going.

Side Quests has always been uploaded in bulk, full 15-20 page episodes all at once. But what do you think about us uploading, per page? At least 2 pages a week? And then the Patreon charging Patrons per month of updates?

I think weekly updates are better in every way, it’s just that Jeff and I did prefer uploading in bulk. Giving people the whole chapter at once made the comic seem more episodic. People like to binge on Netflix, and if someone likes a comic they’d like to read it all the way through. I don’t know any other webcomic that does this.

Other webcomics probably don’t do it because it isn’t healthy for it. Putting months in between updates makes people forget, and the comic starts losing relevance. There are a lot of benefits that come with weekly updates.

  • It makes the comic seem more alive, and active. Readers and fans would like that, and Jeff and I would be more involved by interacting with peeps and taking in more feedback, etc.
  • It’s much easier to upload a few pages a week instead of 20+ all at once, it would definitely relieve some stress for the author(s) (waiting to finish 20 pages is no easy task!).
  • Views would be coming to the site at a much more consistent rate.
  • With a more lively webcomic, gaining more Patreon support seems likely. If we did one big episode; everyone would see our Patreon video and the episode, then there would be a few months of silence, and this could damage Side Quests; and slow down updates.

After Jeff and I set up our Patreon and do a little Patreon video, the plan is to start doing weekly updates, like every Tuesday and Friday for example. At this point I expect most if not all of this “episode” to be finished (cause I’ve been working on it for a while). That way, we can consistently update the site, and I’ll always be ahead of schedule with production!

Also, so we don’t break the flow of songs, if a song is 2 or 3 pages long, on that week, instead of just putting one page up Tuesday, we’d plop the 3 pages of the song on that day :D Every episode has a song, so the song week would be a good thing to look forward to, I think!

Anyway, this idea just came to us tonight, I’m already pretty convinced, but I would like to hear your opinions.

xroyxfirex asked
Kinucakes put it best on her tweeter. Its simply bad management of kickstarted developers that get money from kickstarter, its just a very dificult platform to manage since the budget can vary from barely enough to make the game to way too much money for a simple indie game

Yeah. It was WinterKewl’s first game, and the YOGScast might not exactly be game developing experts. They were in over their heads.

Anonymous asked
You literally paid no attention to Yogventures or it's development and now your bashing it by using an argument based on your assumptions. Good job.

Well I can’t spend my time to be an expert on everything I have even the slightest opinion of. Even if they didn’t try making the game, I’m still not a fan. Naturally anything they do I don’t like by default. I voiced an opinion that not everyone will agree with.

If this were a political issue I would have the decency to look a bit more into it, but with this, I really don’t care.

Anonymous asked
I understand that you may not like the yogscast, and I definitely will not force my opinion upon you, but you have to understand that they were not the people making the game. Someone approached them asking permission to use their characters, so they agreed. The yogscast did not develop this game, they were not the ones receiving the kickstarter money and they have nothing to do with it being cancelled. Hope this helped in some way?

Are you sure they didn’t receive any money? Regardless, on their main Kickstarter they made it seem like it was mostly their idea, that’s the impression I got when reading it. They mentioned Winterkewl Games as partnering with them.

Now that it’s cancelled they seem more clear on explaining who was making the game. But yeah, these things happen. I’m more or less a bit peeved because they tried making a game to begin with, because I just don’t like them.

You guys are welcome to like them all you like though!

YOGscast got over half a million dollars for a kickstarter game, then cancelled it.

Eghhh. I have a low opinion of YOGscast (I find them boring and never funny), and I’m not exactly happy their game development failed, that would be mean! I’m not sure how I feel. BUT I MUST VOICE SOMETHING.

The game looked pretty dumb to begin with. Do they have any original content, or stories thought up? Or are all their videos just them playing mostly Minecraft? What is the dwarf character based off of? The main YOGScast guy? Is he an interesting character?

They tried making a EQNext/Minecraft copy, featuring the cartoony avatar of the YOGScast leader? That sounds so lame! That’s like a Call of Duty Let’s Player making his own storyless shooter starring him! 

Anyway it upsets me that they were so naive when undertaking what seems like such a huge task, and they failed to mention that their dev team was a team of 6 people. I think if I were backing a huge project, I’d like to know if the team was that small. Mistakes happen, but this seems so.. Unprofessional, I feel bad for the YOGScast fans that donated.

But at least they’re giving TUG to their backers, which seemed like a much better game from the start.

gormanstudios asked
do you have a flash file that is 1920 x 1080 that has a working VCAM ? as i asked you before what size you animate in and i believe you said it was 1920 x 1080, or do you know where i could get such file? every time i try and change the VCAM it comes out a wreck when i export,

Not really, I took a ActionScript3 Vcam and changed it’s properties to fit the size of 1920x1080.

It doesn’t always work, and if it isn’t starting on the first frame of the scene it has a 1 frame delay. I have an FLA of it here: https://mega.co.nz/#!JklG0KBL!BDYRWwWsPC_KzDICX6zhKqZNOczImJ4YxGOu-V15C24

But it’s for Flash CS5.5, and if you have a previous version you may not be able to open it.